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We offer motor boats and yachts of renowned Italian and Spanish shipyards. We are Authorised Partners in Poland and provide full pre- and post-sale service. In our offer you will find boats from 5 to 35 metres, both in open and cabin versions. The largest and the most luxurious yachts are available with open or closed upper deck of FLY type.

RIB Boats

In our offer you will find a full range of RIB boats of renowned European shipyards in sizes from 19 to 45 feet, which means that there is something for everyone. The largest boats provide exceptional comfort and safety on the water and the possibility of sleeping for 2 to 6 people under the deck, as is the case with classic laminated boats.

AIRON MARINE - AmX 36 - First view

AIRON MARINE is not slowing down this year - after many years of slight stagnation, the shipyard is even showering us with new developments in 2023. After the premiere of the '50' we were shown the 50 in SPORT version, in the spring we saw the AmX 35 version and now we have the opportunity to see the latest AmX 36 in its first tests on the water. Beautiful, modern lines, the latest high quality materials used and, as usual, perfect behaviour on the water. All this makes us know and feel that we are on board Airon Marine at the very first glance. And coming soon, full boat specifications on our pages and a test report. We look forward to seeing you there.



The new Clubman 32 was developed following suggestions from customers and enthusiasts of the brand who wanted a more manageable boat with a cabin to spend a few nights away from home. With a cabin below deck, the boat has been recognised as one of the most comfortable models in the segment. A natural evolution of the Clubman 30, the Clubman 32 inherits all the aft features, including the U-shaped seat from its OPEN cousin. This is an essential feature for high back protection when sailing and in dock. A folding captain's chair is also included. A large hand-mounted aft table, which converts into a sun deck with a standard cushion, is also offered as an option with an electric actuator for more comfortable and faster unfolding. New to this model (on deck) is the bow sun deck, higher, wider and extremely comfortable thanks to a new concept in Joker Boat models. Designer Federico Gerna, with whom the yard has been working for several years, set himself the goal of renewing the Clubman series, which he succeeded brilliantly. The Clubman 32 features a new hull: deeper than the Clubmen 30, slightly wider and longer. What's more, thanks to the glass windows in the hull, Federico has managed to maximise natural light, increasing the perception of space and creating an anti-claustrophobic atmosphere. The shipyard decided to offer 2 different layouts and 4 different cabin colour options.


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