cookies policy

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored and stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you visit various websites on the Internet. The cookie usually includes the name of the web page from which the cookie is derived, the “length of life” of the cookie (that is, the lifetime of the cookie), and the randomly generated unique identifier used to identify the browser that is connecting to the web page.

For what purpose do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to improve the performance of the site. Thanks to cookies we collect anonymous data for statistical purposes. Cookies also help us in achieving our marketing objectives – we better tailor our content to the needs of our users.

The storage conditions

Cookies are kept on a regular basis or session. Solid cookies are removed manually or as a result of software settings used to access the internet. Session cookies are used when visiting a website and are deleted when the visit ends.


You may remove cookies yourself, so you are telling us that you do not agree to store cookies on your device. To do this, use the web search engine for an example of “how to disable cookies in Chrome”.

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