Boats for rent

Boats for rent

We offer you boat hire. As a result of the launch of our own rental service, our current range of boats available for hire along with their location can be found in the information below. We offer boat rental without a skipper and with our skipper. We also offer one- and several-hour trips along the beautiful waterways of Wrocław. This is also a new opportunity to test selected models.

All the boats we offer are fully fueled and fully insured – a deposit is always collected to cover the cost of the deductible in case of any damage or destruction. Detailed terms and conditions of hire will be available under the ‘”Rental conditions“‘ tab


Transit log – Transit log is a small charge which includes final cleaning, cooking gas and, depending on the destination, bed linen.

Deposit / deposit – As with car hire, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit when chartering a boat (in many cases it is possible to block the deposit fee on your credit card). This deposit will be refunded if the boat is returned undamaged. The deposit is not taken when hiring a boat with our skipper in an hourly rental.

Skipper – You can book a holiday with a professional skipper on board. Their services are usually charged extra and the price is listed among the additional charges on each boat profile. At the same time, please note that the skipper will have to sleep in one of the cabins and the skipper’s meal is not included in the price.

Pets – Sailing with pets is possible, mainly at an additional cost. This information is always displayed on the boat profiles. Let us know if you plan to bring your pet on board


Joker Boat Coaster 520 + DF60ATL

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