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A different philosophy of building a boat – we do not build a boat with a built-in only outboard drive. Boats in three lines: OPEN, SUNDECK, CABIN and two slightly separate lines, SPORT FISCHING and CAYMAN. The latter is the RIB boat line so popular in the Mediterranean.

The OPEN line is a simple open and at the same time cheap boats ideal for one-day excursions with family, friends or lonely. We will take the boats of this line easily and we will go with it to any place.

The SUNDECK line is boats with a small cabin, an extensive sun deck, probably the most popular because they provide shelter from sun or rain, and also accommodation at the pier or somewhere in a more secluded and inaccessible place. These dishes usually contain everything we need from the kitchen after the toilet or bathroom with shower.

The CABIN line is comfortable even luxurious “holiday houses” on the water. Providing a sense of comfort and independence.

The other two lines are dedicated to lovers of fishing and fast sports swimming – especially the latter option is used with enthusiasm for such popular high-performance sports.





New Clubman CB 30

Italian style, perfect materials - boats Clubman series: unique, easy to use and adapt, ready for hard work


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