Joker Boat Coaster 520 WHITE Dostępność: na miejscu - Cena netto: 89.990 zł

“Szeroki nie tylko z nazwy. CS 520 zaskoczy Cię ogromnym miejscem do przechowywania i miejscami na pokładzie”.

Mała CS 520 jest w rzeczywistości jedną z najbardziej przestronnych łodzi o takiej długości na rynku RIB.

Łódź w produkcji. Zdjęcia przykładowe mogą zawierać elementy nie ujęte w specyfikacji łodzi. Podana cena jest ceną netto obejmująca wyposażenie łodzi (standard + opcjonalne) - cena zostanie przeliczona na złote polskie po kursie z dnia zakupu. Cena nie obejmuje silnika.


The CS 520 is small and sturdy. A wide hull guarantees great stability both in marche and whilst at moor.
From bow to stern space is key; the bow sundeck is spacious and comfortable, able to host 2 people with ease. Underneath the sundeck there are 2 storage space, a small apace for the anchor and a larger one, with an approximate depth of 1.20m and wide as the hull.
The console is small and functional, able to fit use the essential to keep the look clean; it is starboard (right) placed to allow a large passage to the port (left) with central boat driving position.
The seating area is, as imaginable, wide and comfortable and doubles as a sunbathing area and as a seating space whilst sailing, thanks to a comfortable rotating cushion.
The bow cockpit is, once agin, wide but stout. This is due to the fact that space on deck is prioritised. None the less it houses enough space to get on and off the boat easily, form water with the standard ladder; also access from the driver’s seat is facilitated by two small steps lateral to the motor installation area. This avoids having to step motor’s cockpit and risk slipping.

The bow nose is small and, apologies for the repetition, wide, to guarantee a better foot space when ascending at dock.

Motor wise the Wide 520 has optimal motorisation with a 90/100HP powered motor, but can be mounted with a smaller motor for renting without a nautical licence.


Recreational:  The wide 520 is an optimal recreational RHIB boat. It offers space, comfort, ease of sail and can carry up to 8 people at a time. Key features are storage spaces to the bow, where all safety equip,net can be stored easily and accessed quirky; as at the stern where 3 people, 1,70m tall could fit laying flat, on the hull’s floor.

Renting: due to it’s extra large wide space, the Wide 520 is an optimal rent boat. All other competitors may have the same length but none can live up to its width. This makes it a valuable boat to rent because of it’s features and peculiarity. A Bimini top may be installed to further better the appeal of the boat to “wider” clientele. Also the possibility to fit a non required nautical licence motor, gives it a cutting edge in bake g best value for money.

KADŁUB włókno szklane


  • Wiosła
  • Inflator
  • Zestaw naprawczy
  • Instrukcja + certyfikat CE
  • Komplet poduszek pokładu słonecznego
  • kompletna konsola z owiewką
  • poręcze z INOX
  • mechaniczne sterowanie
  • drabinka
  • Kompletna instalacja elektryczna


  • Pompa zęzowa automatyczna
  • Bimini Top
  • Zbiornik paliwa 85 l
  • Drabinka teleskopowa
  • Kompletna instalacja paliwowa


  • radio stereo z głośnikami
  • sonda Garmin

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